Dutch coca cola cans

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THIS SITE IS UPDATED @ 6-4-2019 15:00 Hrs

Welcome to my Dutch Coca-Cola cans site

The BIGGEST DUTCH coca cola cans collection of the World!


My Name is Pascal Jacobs.

I'm a collector of Coca-Cola cans and alu bottles from all over the world!

On this site you can find my Dutch cans and cans made in the Netherlands for an other country or from an other country made for the Netherlands!

Also cans from the ABC Islands (Aruba Bonaire and Curacao) and The SSS-Islands (St Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius)

This is the most complete Dutch Coca-Cola Cans site of the world!

On this site there are over  1500 Different cans and alu bottles


The cans and bottles on this site maybe look the same, but they are all different!


There could be a small difference like other can factory, other top, other text, other colour etc.




I'd Like to thank Jan Den Hoedt ( www.freewebs.com/cocajan ) & Henk Henst ( www.dutchcocacolacans.nl ) for letting me use their pictures for my wantedlist


If you have cans wich i'm looking for (see my wanted list), please mail me!

The cans in my wanted list have numbers and can factory logo's on the right side near the can picure.

These numbers and/or Factory logo ar a blown up from te picture and need to be on that can.If they are not, it is an other can


Please mail me at [email protected]


I have cans and bottles for trade

Now on this site:

- 521 set cans

- 315 Regular 330 ml cans

-   15 Can Bank cans

-   28 Test cans & Unfinished cans

-   61 Missprint cans

-     9 Fun cans

-  121 Light 330 ml cans

-   27 Cafeïne free & Cafeïne free Light 330 ml cans

-   41 Cherry Coke 330 ml cans

-     5 Tab 330 ml cans

-   14 Vanilla 330 ml cans

-     1 Sango 330 ml can

-   20 lime, lime light,Light Lemon 330 ml cans

                                                                                                          -    42 Zero 330 ml and 355 ml cans  

                                                                                                          -      4 Life 330 ml cans

                                                                                                          -    83 Reguar 150 ml cans

                                                                                                          -    55 Light 150 ml cans

                                                                                                          -    26 Other tastes 150 ml cans

                                                                                                          -    41 200 & 250 ml cans

                                                                                                          -      8 Sleek 330 ml can

                                                                                                          -    24 500 ml cans

                                                                                                          -    17 Alu bottle cans

                                                                                                          -    10 Giftbox


          Total cans on this site now: -  1500!



New cans added on this site:


-added a lot of new cans


-2016 Guadeloupe Regular Can


Added some Unfinished cans

Added 9 New 150 ml Cans

Added 3 250 ml

Added 23 zero 250 ml Destinations cans

Added 3 Light Cans

Added 1 Life can

Great Cans From St Maarten added in the sleek section

-2018 Carnival St Maarten

-2017 #SXMStrong can about the Hurricane Irma

Realy nice Missprints added to my site

also a NEW safari can added (now I have 7 of the 8 known cans)

A nice 1988 KNVB Sticker can


2 guadeloupe cans

1Bank can 

Regular bank can from the Netherlands made for BELU 

2 Fun cans 

Zero Boxershort can

2010 Twist swing drum can for the WC South Africa


3 cans from St Maarten

2 cans from Guadeloupe

2 unfinished cans

Gift box 130 yeasrs Alu Bottle

2 Missprints and much more!


2016 Regular Aruba Enjoy,Life,Taste the Caribbean

2016 Light Aruba Enjoy,Life,Taste the Caribbean


2016 Regular Sleek Carnival St Maarten can made in Puerto Rico

2016 BeNeLux 150 ml Life can

2010 Aruba Enjoy,Life,Taste the Caribbean

2005 Aruba Canned in Aruba Can

1999 Aruba Disc can


2016 Regular 330 ml Duty Free can

Found one of the most rarest Dutch cans !!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2010 Director Cees of Coca-Cola Netherlands stopt working!

They made a special can to Honor him.

Only 3 cans are known to be left over! CHECK IT In The REGULAR 2010-2015 section!!

Created by PJ ©2013